Unkindly reminder to anyone and everyone paying attention that L*pp, L*pplander, L*pplings, and other variants of the word are, in fact, racial slurs against the Saami.

Saami peoples have been subject to really gross, racist things. Anatomical measurements. Sterilization projects. Cultural and religious oppression and suppression. Being exhibited like animals in zoos. And stuff is still going on, as per the fight currently going on against mining companies coming onto their land and putting in mines against their will that would disrupt or destroy traditional herding. More protests are happening in Sweden, but this is not getting a lot of press coverage outside of Sweden.

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This is particularly important for people who are interested in Heathenry who will occasionally find people peddling Saami drums and cultural goods or purporting to teach Saami religious or spiritual practices. There are a lot of parallels with how First Nations crafts are appropriated and sold in the USA, or “Plastic Shamans” who’ll steal and repackage things into weekend New Age workshops. It is extremely important for Heathens to learn to distinguish when something has been appropriated from the Saami and is being repackaged and sold to you as “Norse”. 


Paintings by Lindsey Kustusch

(via lebornaciar)

Pendant has been thoroughly cleansed and blessed.  I’m working a little kitchen magic (science magic!) by making cottage cheese out of the thing of 1% that nobody here was going to drink.  (A friend came up with his grandmother over the weekend and she left nearly a full gallon of milk in our fridge.  What else am I supposed to do with it?)  

The girlfriend and I went to investigate the hollow entrance—she agrees that’s what it appears to be.  The edges of the trees around it are bowed over as if forming an archway, and the leaves around it are sickly and full of holes—just around the entry.  The rest of the plants they’re attached to are fine.  There was a spider with a web constructed over it.

The full moon is going to fall the night before the girlfriend’s 25th birthday, so we’re gonna do some preparations over the weekend and go ward it and leave some offerings on Tuesday night, hopefully.  Seems like as good a time as any.

Working on cleansing my Mjolnir pendant.  It was made for me by a person that I am, through a sort of complicated mess of events, no longer friends with, and because of that, it’s got some ties to it that I really need to break before I’m comfortable wearing it again.  I don’t want to deal with potential nastiness attached.

Wrote an invocation to Loki and three of his children, and then to Thor, to cleanse, purify, and empower it.  Burned it in a bowl of salt and mixed the salt and ashes.  Now I’ve got the pendant sitting in it and I’m going to leave it there for a few hours while I go do a few other things.

I’ll probably end up anointing it with the potion jar I’ve had brewing for a few days now—mostly a home-warming spell for the apartment I’m living in, since I haven’t properly done that yet.  

(At some point, speaking of, I need to go make friends with the local wights.  And I swear to god there’s a hollow entrance at the back of the complex.  I’m going to have to investigate and leave out an offering for the Fae, possibly have my girlfriend come help me with it, because I don’t know the nature of them and I would like to ward off anything troublesome before it becomes an actual problem.)

I’m feeling better already about this pendant.


I’m not dead, I promise.  Life’s just been kind of hectic for a while now.  But things are settling down, and I’ve been doing a lot of work with my practice and spiritual path, so hopefully things will pick up again soon.  Much love to everyone who’s still around! <3