Femme Mentorship Program






This is a call for femmes on tumblr who are willing to serve as a mentor/guide/friend to younger/newly out/or isolated femmes.

I am looking for folks who are willing to be available for questions and conversation. 

I would like this group of mentors to represent the vast array of femme identities and intersections.  Trans* femmes, femmes of color, fat femmes, femmes with disabilities, femmes on the more dapper/more masculine side, working class femmes, femmes from countries other than America, and all femmes!

If you are interested in participating, please send me your blog name, your prferred name and pronoun (if you have one) and a short bio.  I am going to create a page on my blog that introduces all of the mentors.  I will also be giving out your information to those who request it.

If you can’t mentor but support this project, PLEASE SIGNAL BOOST.

And if you are looking for a supportive person to discuss your femme identity or life with, or just a caring person to reach out to, please request a mentor here.


So brilliant!


fucking rad.

This is a thing that lots of people I know would love.

Signal boosting this!  This is a great idea.

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    I love this idea. I find it so ironic considering I’m doing a paper on femme invisibility/femme identity.
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    I love this! Considering it too!
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    *Trying, my spelling is not good at 4am in the morning! Posting again because it’s a great idea. :D
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